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Before Working With Computerease, Bubba Lost $20,000 In 3 Days (And His Hair) Because Of Lousy IT Support

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Consistent and Reliable IT Support Team Since 2002 That Fully Understands My Business, The Healthcare Environment and Budget Concerns Of A Small Business

My medical practice and billing company have used Computerease since 2002 for IT support. During this time we have done everything from move locations, implement new practice management, EMR, and PACS, comply with HIPAA and HITECH, allow remote staff, merge companies and much more.

Computerease has consistently come through for us providing reliable, secure and timely IT support. Ryan Haislar and his staff have a thorough understanding of the health care environment and the budgetary constraints of a small business.

Ryan is able to work with all levels of technological skill, supporting staff with limited IT skill with professionalism and respect. At the same time Ryan’s understanding of our business allows him to represent us and our interest with our vendors, this results is successful implementation of new software or services and quick resolutions of problems.

I recommend Ryan Haislar and Computerease without hesitation.

St. Charles Orthopaedic Surgery Associates, Inc.
5 / 5 stars

Computerease Saves Me Time So That I Can Focus On Better Serving My Clients

When I opened my own law practice in 2008, I started off with piecemeal technology that worked, but it wasn’t very efficient and it was serviced by multiple vendors.  As the practice grew, we chose to work with Computerease to take care of all of our IT needs, including streamlining our technology, increasing the security and back-ups for our critical information and utilizing a cloud-based platform for essential documents so that they are available whenever I need them, whether I am at the office or in the courtroom.

It is very helpful for myself as a small business owner to work with a single vendor that we can rely on and trust to service all of our IT needs instead of wasting time trying to work with multiple vendors.  The less time I spend worrying about my technology, the more time I can spend serving my clients!

Spooner Law Firm
5 / 5 stars

Highly Responsive IT Support Saves Me Time And Money

We trust Ryan Haislar and Computerease with all of our IT needs, allowing us to focus on providing comprehensive and compassionate care for important members of your family: your pets! Our practice uses advanced technology reliant on our computer systems to integrate our patient records, X-rays, lab services and financial transactions.

When we had issues with our server overnight, the Computerease team was there first thing the next morning to make sure we were up and running for the day. If we have any problems, whether it is morning, overnight or in the middle of a busy workday, Computerease is there right away.

As a busy CEO that has many things to worry about, I trust Ryan's 22 years of experience in the field and I rely on his depth of knowledge that he conveys to me in a straightforward and relatable manner.  I save time and money because with every decision about the IT needs of my business, I am provided with multiple options that are all reasonably priced.

Their service is a great asset to our business!

Lashley Animal Hospital
5 / 5 stars

Trusted IT Support for Over 13 Years

When we moved into our new state-of-the-art building in a multi-stage process, Ryan personally met with the architect and construction team multiple times to ensure that the long term technology needs were addressed in the set-up and design of the facility. Whatever the future advances in technology might be, Computerease’s expertise is an asset that will help us remain on the forefront of technology so that we can continue to fulfill our commitment to the high quality, patient-focused medical care that our patients deserve.

Over 13 years we have built a relationship with Ryan Haislar and the highly qualified Computerease technicians that is based on trust, knowledge and a commitment to service.

Practice Administrator
Boonslick Medical Group
5 / 5 stars

I would without hesitation recommend Computerease for their IT business services. They are very responsive and timely in the help that they provide. Their qualified technicians are also very thorough. The value of changing to VoIP business phones system and upgrading to comprehensive IT services will significantly save money for my medical practice in the long run!

The Office of Dr. David Norman
5 / 5 stars

I’ve been working with the Computerease Team for a few months now and am very satisfied with not only their ongoing support, but also their initial setup of our systems. They are competent and available, two things you have to have in order to be successful with outsourced IT support. Plus, they’re good people; it’s a lot more fun working with people you like. I highly recommend them

Corcoran Consulting & Coaching
5 / 5 stars

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