What is VOIP (Voice Over Internet Provider) and how can it save me thousands in the first year?

We have found the most reliable and cost saving VOIP phone system that we would like to share with our valued customers.

Seamlessly integrate these drastic savings into your current business and add enhanced features that will aid in productivity.

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  • Exactly how much money you could be saving by getting rid of your current phone system and upgrading to one of our    VOIP solutions
  • How you can avoid common phone problems like voicemail limitations, dropped or missed calls and poor quality VOIP
  • Overlooked ways to improve customer service without overloading your front desk

The Top 10 Reasons Our Clients are Trading in the Current Phone Systems for VOIP Business Communication:

  1. Drastically reduce your phone bill -  Integrate your data and voice networks even with multiple offices and remote workers!
  2. Eliminates expensive technician visits -  Easily maintain and customize your system using an easy to use web interface.
  3. Unmatched Call Quality and Uses 67% less bandwidth -  Leaves more room for data.
  4. 100% Uptime Over 4 Years -  The highly redundant structure of the network includes 6 data centers, results in 100% uptime since 2011.
  5. Never Miss A Call -  Unlike traditional PBX Systems and hosted VoIP systems that limit the number of calls you can receive, Star2Star phone lines are added automatically during busy times, at any location including home and cell phones.
  6. Use your iPhone/iPad as a phone extension -  With the Star2Star app you can transfer calls, see who’s on their phones, and make and receive phone calls just as if you were using your desk phone at your office
  7. FREE voicemail, auto attendant, call processing and automatic call distribution -  Other vendors charge extra for these enhanced features!
  8. FREE Tech Support and Next Business Day Equipment Replacement -  Any problem, anytime and we are there for you.  Receive new equipment FREE, no hassles, the next business day.
  9. Star2Star is 25-85% LESS expensive than other well-known phone systems such as Avaya, Nortel, ShoreTel and Toshiba.
  10. We offer the Industry’s Only 100% Money Back Guarantee -  If you are not happy with your phone system, we will remove it, set up your old system and REFUND your entire purchase price for up to one month!
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What is a VoIP phone system?

Unlike a mobile phone or a landline, a VoIP phone system uses the internet to connect calls.

Is VoIP cheaper than a landline phone system?

A VoIP phone system can be cheaper than traditional options because it utilizes your existing internet service.

What is needed for a VoIP Phone System?

The VoIP phone system offers maximum flexibility to users. Calls can be made from a smartphone, computers, and a VoIP phone. All you need is a modem and router, which are also used to supply your internet connection already.

What are the disadvantages of VoIP?

With VoIP calls, the quality is dependent on factors such as internet speeds, bandwidth, and even higher usage on service networks during peak business hours.  These downfalls can be avoided by consulting with qualified VoIP experts who can assist you in choosing the right VoIP system for your business. Not all VoIP phone systems are created equally!

Does My Computer Need to Be Online to Make a Call?

The Internet is required to make a VoIP phone call, but you don’t need to use a computer.

How Much Does a VoIP Phone Service Typically Cost?

The cost of VoIP service can range from $60 to $1,000, depending on the needs of your business. Prices can vary depending on the types of systems and services needed by your business.

Will My VoIP Phone System Grow with My Business?

With ease, you can add multiple VoIP phones to your business to grow with your company.

Is the Internet Included with Your VoIP Phone Service?

No, VoIP is not included with your internet service.

What Is an IP Phone?

An IP phone is a telephone that is used with VoIP.

What Is a Virtual Number?

A Virtual Number is a telephone number that isn’t connected to a specific phone line and allows users to transfer calls to other devices.