Ambulatory Surgical Center IT SUPPORT


Outpatient surgery is a popular treatment option for patients. It offers a more convenient, cost-effective, and less stressful alternative to a traditional hospital experience. These facilities vary greatly from hospitals and medical practices. These differences also extend to each of their unique set of IT needs.

Ambulatory Surgical Centers depend on their technology to work together with medical professionals to ensure patients receive the best care possible. When you work with an IT support company that specializes in healthcare IT, your Ambulatory Surgical Center will experience fewer technical problems. As new tech is integrated into the healthcare industry each day, IT experts are a valuable resource to keep your medical facility running.

Ambulatory Surgical Center IT Support Services Includes:

Trusting Your Ambulatory Surgical Center IT Support to Experts With Over 37+ Years’ Experience

When you partner with Computerease, you get 24/7/365 Ambulatory Surgical Center managed IT services. Your healthcare organization will be protected from cyberthreats and increase productivity with technology that aids, rather than hinders. Our expert team of IT support professionals takes care of every aspect of your infrastructure. You can spend more time with patients and running your organization without having to worry about technology causing delays.

Many of our healthcare clients have been with us for 17+ years and credit their loyalty to the high level of service the Computerease Team continues to deliver. We’ve helped organizations with every step of technology from day one in building new ambulatory surgery centers. We partner with our clients for every transition within their healthcare organization. We consult from the ground up for the opening of new surgical practices, transitioning to new facilities, and the implementation of new technologies. Our clients trust our expertise and business knowledge, backed by our 37 years of experience in helping businesses and healthcare organizations.

Responsive Ambulatory Surgical Center IT Support With Business-Focused Technology Advice

Computerease offers an exceptional overall experience, from basic IT support troubleshooting to onsite consultations for upgrading and expanding EMR/HER services. Every member of your Ambulatory Surgery Center will receive 24/7 highly responsive IT support, ongoing monitoring of your networks and backups, and proactive protection from cyberthreats and hackers.

A Trusted IT Partner To Consult On Building a New Ambulatory Surgery Center

The process of building and opening an outpatient surgical center is complicated and time consuming. With new regulations appearing each day, particularly concerning patient data and security, there are many aspects to consider when integrating advanced technology into your organizations. As a trusted Managed Services Provider, Computerease works alongside healthcare organizations to make sure projects stay on budget and meet HIPAA requirements. Our consulting services provide the knowledge and resources necessary to alleviate any concerns you may have when opening a new facility.

Take the Headache Out of Technology Problems With a Patient & Knowledgeable HelpDesk Team

Is your medical facility plagued with recurring technology problems?  Poorly managed technology can cause major problems for your surgical center. When medical providers experience delays and downtime because of failing technology, patients are the ones who pay the price. If your technology isn’t working to the highest level, your surgical center and patient care will suffer.

When you work with a highly qualified IT support team, your entire organization will benefit. The Computerease Team seamlessly integrates all your different systems including EMR, EHR, billing, and all your vendors. If you do experience a problem, our ASC IT support team is just a call away, ready to help. In fact, many of our healthcare clients have been with us for over 17 years because they trust our IT support and technology expertise.

We Understand Your Healthcare Organization As Much As We Understand Technology.

Your Ambulatory Surgical Center has unique IT support and technology needs compared to other industries. The Computerease Team understands how Ambulatory Surgical Centers operate and use technology. Everyone in the healthcare industry is facing challenges and dealing with increased regulations for compliance. It’s common for your employees to resist change, especially where technology is concerned. Our expert IT support team helps your entire organization with every aspect of technology to help your practice create a better patient experience.