In 1984, Computerease was founded as a way to help other local business owners incorporate technology into their day to day operation using the Commodore 64 computer system.  40 years later, we have withstood the test of time as computer systems and our competitors have become extinct because, like the dinosaurs, they couldn't adapt!

Our Computerease team is led by Ryan Haislar, CISSP, President/CEO and son of the founder, Dennis Haislar.  Ryan has worked with Computerease since the age of 16 when he would pick up and deliver computer parts.  35 years and countless computer networks and systems later, he is regarded as the local expert that people call when they realize their IT support firm isn't as good as they were promised.

Trusted IT Support for Over 13 Years

When we moved into our new state-of-the-art building in a multi-stage process, Ryan personally met with the architect and construction team multiple times to ensure that the long term technology needs were addressed in the set-up and design of the facility. Whatever the future advances in technology might be, Computerease’s expertise is an asset that will help us remain on the forefront of technology so that we can continue to fulfill our commitment to the high quality, patient-focused medical care that our patients deserve.

Over 13 years we have built a relationship with Ryan Haislar and the highly qualified Computerease technicians that is based on trust, knowledge and a commitment to service.

kevin smith Kevin Smith Practice Administrator
Boonslick Medical Group

We stand behind our work with a 100% guarantee and ONLY recommend solid, best-of-breed hardware and systems that work the right way, the first time and for the long term.  No other IT firm can beat our highly responsive and reliable 24/7 monitoring of your computer systems and network.  We address any problems BEFORE it costs you money and time.  Our oldest clients have relied on our IT support and consultation services for over 15 years - that is longer than most other companies have been in business!

Our services include:

Most importantly, we are not just the IT company that reliably keeps your computers and network running, backed-up and secure from the latest cyber threats.  We want to work with our clients and other local business owners that recognize the valuable role that technology can play in the future of their business.  At Computerease we want to partner with you as trusted technology advisors that can help you integrate the most relevant technology for your business to increase your bottom line.

We provide IT support and consultation for small to medium sized locally based businesses that have the following in common:

  • provide professional business services
  • rely heavily on technology in their day to day operations
  • use specialized "line of business" applications to run their day to day operations

If you are looking for an IT company that can fix your current IT problems, work 24/7 to proactively prevent future problems and partner with you to use technology as an asset to increase your bottom line, Contact Us Today for your FREE 2 Hour On-Site Consultation.