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“It is very helpful as a small business owner to work with a single vendor, Computerease, that we can rely on and trust to service all of our IT needs instead of wasting time trying to work with multiple vendors. The less time I spend worrying about my technology, the more time I can spend serving my clients!”

-Jack Spooner,  Spooner Law

When I started practicing law in 1988, the technology I used was piecemealed and serviced by multiple vendors.  It worked, but it wasn’t efficient and left many gaps in our IT.  As my practice has grown, so did my reliance on technology to maintain the excellent level of client care that Spooner Law clients deserve.

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If there was a problem, we wasted time trying to sort out
which vendor serviced different portions of our technology.  Just under 2 years ago, we made a phone call to Computerease that eliminated the inefficiency of dealing with multiple IT vendors and closed our IT gaps.

Jack Spooner, Principal Attorney Spooner Law Est. 1988

Spooner Law chose to work with Computerease to help us take care of all our IT needs, including streamlining our technology, increasing the security and back-ups for our critical information and utilizing a cloud-based platform for essential documents to make them available whenever and wherever I need them. As a small business owner, it is very helpful to work with a value-oriented, reliable and trustworthy vendor that can service all of Spooner Law’s IT needs so we can devote our efforts to our clients!

The greatest worry I have in today’s modern world is cybersecurity issues that are making the news every day.  Computerease even helps with that, because as part of our all-inclusive Computerease service agreement, we get free cybersecurity training so all of our personnel will be knowledgeable about how to prevent cyberthreats from affecting our law practice and protecting our clients’ information.