Before Working With Computerease, Bubba Lost $20,000 In
3 Days (And His Hair) Because Of Lousy IT Support

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corcoran coaching consulting

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The IT support company we had before Computerease was horrible.  Whenever we had a problem we had to reach out to them.  When they finally got around to looking into an issue they would say, “Well, you probably should’ve had this or that.”

It cost us so much money to try and fix every problem including hundreds of thousands of dollars in buying new servers, new everything. At one point I tapped out a server and lost $20,000 over 3 days.  Look, I lost my hair because of the other company!

When we talked to Computerease, Ryan sat down with me and explained that with a proactive approach for providing IT services and support for my business he would be able to prevent problems and hidden costs.

Proactive Approach To IT Support Saves Me Money

It turns out that this proactive (and much better) approach was only a few hundred more dollars per month than the other guys. Overall Computerease has saved me money, made my systems faster and kept my business more protected from downtime and cyberthreats.

A lot of people think that if their business isn’t very big or if they don’t have a lot of clients that they don’t need to spend a lot of money on their technology.  However, when I took a similar approach to my IT and technology, it ended up costing me more money overall because I didn’t invest enough money in what in fact is the core of my business – my technology!

Bubba know what’s best to help your business succeed!

Why would I recommend Computerease for IT services for my fellow St. Louis area business owners?

To me culture is important – and I teach culture to multi-million-dollar companies. The culture of the relationship with the Computerease team has been amazing to me.  I’m a business coach and not an IT guy, so I hire people great people that are great in what they do to help keep my business up and running.

Honestly, IT people are probably the most boring people on earth, you picture them sitting there with 0’s and 1’s, but Computerease has the best personality and they keep stacking the added value higher and higher. Every IT support company can give you 70% of the same thing. It’s the 30% that makes the difference and I would pay even more for the 30% added value of Computerease!  Computerease has always been there for me and I’ll shout their name from the rooftops!