hollywood hacker myth exposedWhen you imagine a hacker, what is the first picture that comes to mind?

If you have imagined a dark figure in a hoodie, surrounded by computer screens and week-old pizza, you have been sold a fantasy. Hollywood is the source of stories that keep us on the edge of our seats. It leaves much to be desired when it comes to the truth behind cybercriminals. The hackers we see portrayed in media are unlike the ones who exist in the real world.

In reality, some hackers pose a serious threat to individuals, businesses, and organizations and others on the side of the “good guys.” One thing is true for all hackers: their motivations aren’t nearly as thrilling as Hollywood depicts.

Fact vs Hollywood: What Do Hackers Want?

Hollywood Hacker Myth: Every hacker has bad intentions

Malicious attacks have a clear goal: disrupt your business. By breaching your networks, cybercriminals gain access to your personal data and accounts, allowing them to steal money and cost you valuable time.

For many hackers, there is no need to strong-arm their way into a secure vault to steal $640 million in bearer bonds. The cybercriminals you encounter every day aren’t led by the likes of Hans Gruber, and you don’t need John McClain to heroically smash through a window to save the business you’ve worked hard to build.

There are millions of hackers throughout the world targeting your business and personal devices, but they don’t all belong to the “dark side.”

Truth: Every hacker has a different goal

One of the most important things to remember about cybercriminals is why they engage in these types of behaviors. Even on the screen, there are hackers working for the good guys. To simplify things, the term “hacker” refers to an individual who uses computers, networking, or other technology and related skills to accomplish a particular goal. For business owners, the goal is what matters most.

As cybercriminals have crafted their trade, there is a class of “good” hackers working to prevent the bad guys from succeeding. They are the soldiers on the front lines of this digital war. These IT security professionals are trained to anticipate and respond accordingly to cyber-attacks and breaches. Implementing new protocols, performing regular updates, and ordering penetration tests are a few ways we ensure that you never lose a moment of productivity.

As an IT Managed Service Provider, we partner with enterprise-level cybersecurity companies that have learned lessons from good hackers. Industry experts keep up with the latest trends and threats in the hacking world, allowing us to stay up-to-date and to keep your business safe.

Don’t fret! This is not a challenge you must face alone.

Technology has become a permanent fixture in our world, requiring businesses to invest time and money into securing their infrastructures. As experts, the role of an IT Managed Services Provider is to give businesses the tools and resources to protect themselves against cybercriminals. The first step is knowledge.

Don’t let the media and popular culture’s portrayal of hackers fool you. It's much more involved than a lone operative working from a basement a world away. Working with a leading IT Managed Services Provider helps your business gain the wisdom and protection of the “good hackers” while protecting you from the “bad hackers.”