Improve Call Quality, Cut Costs, and Drive Productivity With a New VoIP Business Phone System

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You're here because your current phone system isn’t cutting it. It’s dropping calls, the quality is poor, and it’s costing you customers and clients. What used to support your business has become nothing more than a source of frustration.

For a lot of business owners, your phone system is the lifeblood of your business. But once maintenance, repair, and service fees start to become a burden, it’s time for a solution.

A new VoIP system can change the way you do business

A lot of St. Louis business owners are afraid of making the jump to a reliable business VoIP system.

We’re here to change that.

Does Your St. Louis Business Need to Upgrade to a VoIP phone system?

When you’re in the market for a new phone system for your business, you’re about to make a very important decision.

Choose the wrong VoIP phone system St. Louis and you’re not only going to lose money investing in an expensive system, but you’re going to frustrate your new and existing clients. You’re going to make your employee's lives more difficult, and you might even damage your reputation as a business.

Phones and communication with clients? Yeah, that’s pretty important.

How do you know what to look for in a high-quality VoIP system?

Browsing the web, reading brochures, and talking to suppliers will only get you so far.

You’ve probably been met with conflicting advice and confusing tech terms that do nothing to explain what you’re actually getting. Still, your main questions remained unanswered:

  • Will this save my business money?
  • Will this improve sound and call quality?
  • Will this help to boost employee productivity?
  • Will this “new” system be another source of frustration?
  • Isn’t my current phone system good enough?

The Big Issue with Traditional Business Phone Systems

Traditional phone systems have been a part of the business world for decades. A traditional phone system can be reliable since they use a wired connection. But, increasingly the business world is moving away from standard landlines in favor of VoIP phone system St Louis.

To make things simple. With a traditional system, you’re restricted by outdated technology and limited to the constraints of the system.

This means:

  • No call forwarding outside the office
  • You’re paying for expensive voicemail add-ons
  • You have caller ID that barely works
  • Spam calls constantly tie up your phone lines

Plus, the cost to maintain a traditional landline can be more expensive than an entirely new small business VoIP system.

But, even worse than sticking with your outdated traditional phone system, is choosing a low-quality VoIP provider.

Going with the cheapest solution, without doing your research first, can lead to unfortunate situations like:

  • Call latency that sounds like an echo in the speaker
  • Calls with scrambled audio
  • Dropped calls and lost voicemails
  • Internal network overload due to improper network setup

Benefits of a High-Quality Hybrid VoIP Phone System

But, when you choose a high-quality VoIP phone system, you can avoid all the pitfalls above.

We’ve partnered with Star2Star to create a hybrid VoIP system that delivers advanced calling features and cost savings, with high-definition sound quality and the reliability of a standard landline.

While giving your St. Louis business unique advantages like:

  • Ultra high definition sound quality. It’ll sound like your customers and clients are actually in the same room with you. No other St. Louis business VoIP phone system provider stands behind their product like we do. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee, along with a 6-month trial period.
  • Significant cost savings. Even when compared to a traditional office phone system. Most customers will save an average of 10% to 25% on their phone bill. This multiplies when you factor in multiple offices, international calling, or businesses with a heavy call center. This additional cash goes directly into your bottom line.
  • Cheaper than other phone systems. The Star2Star system costs less overall than traditional VoIP systems, which means you can upgrade your current system and recoup costs much faster. Plus, the system integrates with your existing firewall and router (once again saving you money).
  • Continued calling, even if the internet goes out. Our special setup offers 100% reliability, so you’ll never lose an important call. Most other VoIP networks will go down the moment the internet connection stops.
  • Multi-location phone system. No matter where your employees are, you can route calls as if they were in the office. Even forwarding calls to cell phones, as if they were still in the office.
  • A U.S. based customer support team. Finally, a technical support team that isn’t outsourced and can solve technical issues when you need them the most.

Of course, our VoIP phone system comes equipped with standard features as well:

  • Accurate caller ID with full name identification
  • Call transfer with custom hold messaging/music
  • Standard voicemail and voicemail to email
  • Unlimited toll-free numbers
  • Find me/Follow me feature
  • DID’s
  • E911
  • And much more

Cloud-Only VoIP Solution St. Louis

Depending on your existing infrastructure, your St. Louis business might benefit from a cloud-only VoIP solution.

We’ve partnered with Cytracom to offer a complete VoIP solution that unites all of your communication channels in the cloud.

This includes features like:

● Voice, text, and fax, across any device and any location
● Business messaging feature that allows you to text customers and clients
● Access to an integrated app marketplace for on-demand new features
● Integration with existing sales tools, along with real-time data and tracking

Get in Touch With One of Our St. Louis VoIP Experts Today

If you’re still on the fence about small St. Louis business phone systems then reach out to our team today.

Fill out the form on the right to get started!

Keep in mind this is not a sales call. The goal is to help you make the best decision for your business.

Here’s what you’ll learn on the call:

  • The exact amount of money you’ll save when switching to a VoIP phone system, including the costs of installing a brand new system
  • If a VoIP system will work with your current setup and improve existing call quality while giving you the features you need
  • If your network connection and existing infrastructure can support a VoIP system (some networks can’t handle a robust VoIP system)
  • What VoIP system will be the best for your business and support how your business operates (this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution)
  • How you can increase sales and customer happiness by implementing better phone-handling practices (we want your investment to pay for itself as soon as possible)

Keep your existing phone numbers!

We’re one of the few VoIP St Louis providers that let you bring your existing numbers to your new VoIP system. Plus, to further support local St. Louis businesses we’ve streamlined our processes to ensure hassle-free installation and setup.

If you decide to work with us, you’ll get a fully turn-key VoIP system. You’ll get everything you need for a powerful multi-location phone system, all in one simple package, that’s been fully optimized for your business.

Our company only succeeds if you succeed.

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