Business landscape

I recently participated in a video panel discussion titled, Advice from IT Company Owners on How to Keep Your Business Running and Productive During Uncertain Times. The final question of this panel discussion was the following:

What encouragement can you offer your fellow small business owners?

Here's the video of my response.

Also, here's a summary of what I shared in the above video.

Prepare and get ready NOW for the permanently altered business landscape

Embrace the change.

There is going to be a significant change in how business is done moving forward after this pandemic settles down. In the next few years, both technology and society will change dramatically. Things that people previously resisted were suddenly brought to the forefront.

In addition to the permanent changes that have already taken place, and the additional changes we are facing imminently in our future, there is also light at the end of the tunnel. We’re in the thick of it right now, and it seems like it will never end. It will end, eventually, so we just have to get through and find creative ways to make it out the other side.

In the meantime, we can prepare and get ready NOW for the permanently altered business landscape. There’s a saying that firemen don’t prepare to fight a fire when the fire starts. They spend all of their time off and all of their downtime training, getting ready, making sure all of their equipment is ready and waiting to be used. They’re got all of their tools and everything else ready to go. When the fire happens, they’re ready.

So, right now, in your business, you have time. We have to be like the firemen and have out tools nice and neatly placed where they need to be. Have our business ready to go. When the economy gets unleashed again, when this pandemic is over, we’re all going to be ready to go.