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The winter holiday can be one of the most stressful travel seasons of the year. Planning a Christmas feast and figuring out how to keep a house of children occupied for two weeks of break is a second and third job. When you’re traveling for the holidays and out of your typical routine, it’s easy to let your guard down.

However, letting these little moments distract us can have disastrous consequences for our technology, and subsequently, your business. Cybercriminals take advantage of any sign of weakness, looking for the moment where you’ve made a mistake.

Don’t give cybercriminals the opportunity to catch you with your guard down.

Here are a few items to add to your travel prep list:

  1. Be Cautious of Public Wi-Fi
    • One common trick by cybercriminals is imitating a trusted Wi-Fi with an internet hotspot with a similar name. Always verify that you are using the correct Wi-Fi by confirming with the establishment that has provided it.
  2. Check Vacation Rentals for Hidden Cameras
    • While many travelers have great experiences to share about their Airbnb stays, there are many travelers that have reported hidden cameras being found in their hotel rooms. Hidden cameras can be found in light fixtures, vents, and disguised in everyday objects.
  3. Verify Roaming Costs with your Provider
    • If you’re looking to stay in communication during your vacation, be aware of the additional roaming costs that might come from your provider. Be prepared to use alternative methods like a mobile hotspot or reserve data usage to when Wi-Fi is available.
  4. Disable Location Services on your Device
    • Posting on social media in real time and leaving location services active are indicators that let thieves know that you aren’t at home, especially when you expect to be away for an extended period. Save the posts for once you’re back in town.
  5. Back Up Data Before Leaving
    • While you’re creating new memories, it would be a shame to lose old ones. Make sure your photos and videos are safely stored before beginning your holiday.
  6. Take Rental Car Photos
    • Taking pictures of your rental car, and any existing damage before you leave the lot, can protect you from any additional fees the rental company might attempt to tack on after your contract with them has expired.
  7. Virtual Private Networking Services
    • Since public Wi-Fi isn’t secure, many travelers use the services of a VPN to encrypt their data when using the available services. Their connections are virtually invisible on the web and are difficult to track and exploit if they are ever found.
  8. Save Important Documents
    • Physical documents like your passport can be lost or stolen. Store copies of these documents on an encrypted service to help facilitate their replacement, should the need arise.

The holidays should be about spending time with your family, but cybercriminals don’t take vacations.  When it comes to technology, being proactive will always be the best way to ensure that your family and business are protected. It’s important to have an IT support company that will help you stay safe while traveling, for the holidays or even for work throughout the year.

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