Is your current IT company protecting your business with an email/SPAM filter? If not, your business could be left vulnerable to cyberattacks. Email is the favorite way for hackers to send sneaky messages to your team. These messages can contain malicious links and viruses that are ready to infect your team’s computers and then spread to your network.

Every top IT support company knows that your email inbox is a huge vulnerability for your business. 95% of all data breaches begin with a SPAM email. It’s critical to put protective layers in place between the hackers and your email inbox with an email/SPAM filter.

What does an email/SPAM filter do exactly?

And email/SPAM filter acts as a protective layer and filter between all the emails you receive and your inbox. It flags suspicious emails and quarantines them which greatly decreases your risk of receiving a malicious email. You also can preview potentially malicious emails and screen attachments for viruses or other malware.

It's incredibly important for an email/SPAM filter to catch potentially malicious emails BEFORE they get to your inbox because they appear very similar to legitimate emails! Cyber criminals are experts at crafting their SPAM messages and hiding viruses and harmful links in emails that easily trick you and members of your team. All it takes is one click on a malicious link or opening a virus-filled attachment. Then that computer and your entire network can be quickly infected.

Many business owners think that members of their team are smart enough and diligent enough to recognize and delete all SPAM emails. Unfortunately, it’s been shown time after time that everyone is at risk for being tricked by a SPAM email. Businesses in every industry, the national government, and even tech giants like Google have all had data breaches that originated from a person being tricked by a malicious email.

An email/SPAM filter is one of the best layers of protection to keep malicious emails out of your inbox. Every IT support company that takes cybersecurity seriously offers this service to their clients. Are you using an email/SPAM filter to protect your business? If you would like more information about this critical cybersecurity protection for your business, please give us a call. We can discuss the options available for your business.