We’ve all heard the term “social distancing” as the method to manage plans to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus. Here’s a link to updated information about social distancing. Those of us in the Greater Saint Louis and Metro East areas have already begun following the mandated “stay-in-place” orders that furthers our physical connection with our familiar office spaces. As an IT support company, Computerease continues to be fully operational (including phones) while working remotely.

The Dramatic Shift From The Office To Working From Home

Though our physical presence may be displaced, our digital connectivity remains. Many of our fellow Americans are adapting to a work from home environment. According to a recent survey by Willis, Towers, and Watson there’s been a 46% shift from American businesses enacting remote work-from-home policies since mid-February. During this time, we’ve been helping our IT services clients throughout St. Louis and the Metro East with transitioning their teams to working remotely.

Can You Be Productive At Home As You’re Are At The Office?

This is undoubtedly an emotional and stressful time as the entire world is upended while dealing with this pandemic. While the CDC outlined steps that everyday people can take to help curb the growth of the novel coronavirus. Here’s some links to helpful articles to give you ideas on how to stay productive while working from home:

Maintain Your Business Continuity Using the Right IT Solutions 

Managing our remote work forces re-establishes the importance of IT support companies for continuing business operations. At Computerease, we’ve been pragmatic in our part to provide secure options for business continuity during this transitionary period.

Are you stressed about how to transition your business to a remote workforce while maintaining productivity? Give Computerease a call at (314) 432-1661 (MO) or (618) 346-8324 (IL) and we can provide all the IT support and strategy you need to keep your business up and running.